Select coordinates which fall within a radius of a central point?

I have a database of coordinates in the schema:


I’ve set up my google maps application to show the markers effectively on the screen. However I need to add another feature whereby the user can view all pointers that fall within the radius from a central point.

How would I write up a sql statement of the kind:

Select all pointers that fall within a 10 mile radius of X & Y

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The SQL below should work:

          acos(sin(a.Latitude *0.0175)* sin(YOUR_LATITUDE_X *0.0175)+ cos(a.Latitude *0.0175)* cos(YOUR_LATITUDE_X *0.0175)*    
                 cos((YOUR_LONGITUDE_Y *0.0175)-(a.Longitude *0.0175)))*3959<= YOUR_RADIUS_INMILES
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on 9 junio, 2014.
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